Our staff is composed of young, but already expert, professionals. Each of them has a precise task, but they are all united by a common goal: quality “at all costs”.


Gianluca D’Agostino is our chef.
His cuisine is that of creativity, a miracle of tastes, only the best ingredients and extraordinary cooking.

A smooth-running team

In the dining room and kitchen, each team member is “unparalleled”. Raffaele Campagnola is the sous chef everyone would like to have: efficient, precise and competent. Diana della Grottella, although still very young, moves about the dining room with the experience of a veteran and irresistible charm. Alfonso Iannuzzi is a scholar of oriental cuisine and spices: he is an expert in the seeds used in our dishes. Matteo Rodolico opens us to new horizons every day through his knowledge of ingredients and new kitchen technologies.