Veritas was born in 2007 from the will of the patron Stefano Giancotti, who decided to open his personal ‘window on the city’, thanks to his love for haute cuisine, wine and conviviality.
A choice of patronage even before that of entrepreneurship.
Nomen omen, Veritas is a declaration of intent, the way of looking at Stefano’s life that impresses a style on the territory: authenticity, independence, open-mindedness, freedom of thought, character.
Veritas is rock!
Stefano Giancotti Patron

Book the Veritas.

You can book a table online by following the instructions on our platform.
Please let us know in the notes if you have allergies, intolerances, special needs or requirements: this way you give us time to prepare ourselves in the best possible way.

We ask you to be punctual, respecting the booking time: you will help us to give you a better service.

For last minute bookings it is preferable to call us directly on the phone: we will be able to give you an immediate answer.

Veritas also offers the possibility of reserving, exclusively and also for lunch, a room or the entire restaurant for a particular event or a business dinner: contact us for information or reservations.



Attention and passion
A passionate wine list, perfectly in line with the informal and concrete philosophy of Veritas. Small producers, artisans and wine farmers. Ethical and sustainable.

Our direct and concrete approach is always attentive to all needs, from the largest to the smallest. These are our beverage facilities.

• Doggy wine-bag: The wine you don’t consume at the table goes home with you! We provide you with a special closure to take some Veritas away with you.

• Right of cork: you can bring your precious bottle to drink it at the restaurant during your dinner. The service costs 15 Euros for each bottle uncorked.

• Takeaway wine: for your cellar or for a special gift you can buy all the bottles in our menu with 20% less than the menu price.



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Veritas Restaurant
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 141 – Napoli
I nostri orari:
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dal martedi al sabato dalle 20.00 alle 22.30
a pranzo:
la domenica dalle 13.00 alle 15.00

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